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Women’s Rosh Chodesh Gathering

Rosh Hodesh - the head of the Hebrew month - begins with the new moon and is traditionally understood as a women’s holiday. At the Jewish Fellowship our gatherings have become a cherished time when we share with one another our thoughts, feelings and ideas on a particular spiritual topic or text. These monthly gatherings allow time to get to know one another in a way that services and larger events may not provide.

We encourage new members of the Fellowship to join this group as a way to get to know others in a fun, intimate and lovely setting. In addition to meeting in person or by zoom, most months we gather at someone’s home for a vegetarian dinner and share a potluck prior to the learning. Singing and chanting often accompany our gathering as well as studying about the particular topics of each Hebrew month. Sessions are led by Rav Shoshana.



Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784